The Girl, The Bounty Killer pg.44


22nd Jun 2021, 1:01 PM

and obvious twist in 3... 2... 1...

Just a heads up, the comic will probably be sporadic for the rest of the week. We're going to having company coming over from Florida for a few days. I'll try to post still, but I can't promise anything.

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Ryu Santos
22nd Jun 2021, 6:03 PM

Bia's going to be Kit's version of Jimminy Cricket.

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22nd Jun 2021, 10:45 PM

DAMMIT NO! Kit is 4x the size of you AND has a prehensile tail... I assume.

Bia, this is how you die. No joke, you've not got a lot of idea in what to do.

If you do what is hinted at here, then be prepared to lift a piece probably the size you are...

Okay, I just pictured Bia in the Dwarven Rifleman suit from Warcraft 3, and that's... weirdly adorable?

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