The Girl And Her Duke pg.34


21st Feb 2021, 7:50 PM

I'm starting to get Nam flashbacks from playing Transformer: Fall of Cybertron. Good game, but the store making quotes and snarky comment really got on my ner- wait- no, my mistake... that was the Borderlands series. FOC's shops were dull...

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22nd Feb 2021, 6:47 AM

you know Kitty's good at her job when the closing comment is "May God help the guilty"

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22nd Feb 2021, 7:10 AM

Thanks for taking pity on a confused otaku.

I've been trying to work out if bia was some sort of elf or not and I'd just missed it until the shopkeep started referring to her as such. XD

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22nd Feb 2021, 8:54 AM

Nam? As in Vietnam? You were in the war? Or were you just making a joke.

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