Bad Moon Rising Part 2 pg.21


19th Aug 2020, 8:40 PM

While many of the police departments across the country view Bounty Killers as another form of justice, even joining forces from time to time, the same can not be said about the police of the west coast. Mostly, it's disdain due the way the Bounty Board gain a footing into the states and the amount of freedom Bounty Killers are given to do their Job; while the cops are often weighed down with restrictions due to politics and often are just there to clean up.

I should also bring this up: A lot of the lore involving the police was already established long before the recent events we've been seeing on the west coast. There's even a future story where we do see the bounty killers from the Cop's perspective. I just wanted to mention this just in case someone thought I was making a commentary on things with a throw away line.

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