Bad Moon Rising pg.30


17th Jul 2020, 10:23 AM

Mmm, Potsticker.

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17th Jul 2020, 12:32 PM

doesn't seem something one could expect from Bia. Why is she so brave at *defending* Kit?

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17th Jul 2020, 12:53 PM

Hard to say.

Is Bia being brave or naive for the situation she thinks she is in? What kind of legal loopholes might there be, especially if Kitty actually was doing all of this willingly, and might contradict Bia's statement of fact. If it is just some general creep and not a John, would he even care?

I mean, telling off a feral skinwalker seems more foolish than brave, and I ain't even sure what a feral skinwalker is. XD What I do know is that Bia did not know that was the situation when she took her stand.

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17th Jul 2020, 1:27 PM

It's actually because she's Kit friend. There's no deep meaning behind it.

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