Bad Moon Rising pg.16


25th Jun 2020, 1:42 PM

I know, I know. I'm doing the whole "misunderstanding trope" we've all seen since the beginning and has been used all too often. But if I can do it right, I can make a overused trope work.

I mean, it could be worse... I could've gone the deep end like in Sister Claire.

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25th Jun 2020, 1:53 PM

So... this is a FANCY infiltration. Got it.

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Icefall Kitsune
25th Jun 2020, 2:20 PM

Kitty dear, the sports bra under your dress has got to go. You need the support to stay out of view with that type of dress. And since you'll have a white stole over a black dress, not sure if you should have a pearl necklace or pendant to go with it.

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