Of Makeup And Dodgeballs pg.7


22nd Mar 2020, 6:57 PM

Irish Spork? I-I don't think the Irish would use a - - nevermind.

Rhodes' insult is a hint to what Beatrice sounds like. While she does have a very dark, foreboding voice, there is a hint of a Irish accent. Specifically the kind you hear in Hell's Kitchen...

Because I would like to at least have variety when it comes to down to the voices of the characters^^

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23rd Mar 2020, 3:25 AM

Cursing without cursing, love it

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24th Mar 2020, 11:39 AM

I think "Irish spork" cements this as a good thing, but I was mostly onboard with it already. XD

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31st Mar 2020, 1:46 AM

Irish spork lol

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