Q and A#5


11th Mar 2020, 5:41 PM

Welp, time to add one more group that I won't be getting a Christmas card from.

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11th Mar 2020, 6:32 PM

The word you're looking for is Trope. An Anime Troupe is like the Buggy Pirates from One Piece or those girls that do elaborate acrobatics/dance battles in the basement of their school.

Also, if she was male and of equitable appearance, we'd still call it out (probably). I read one manga where a a 13-year old kid was 7 feel tall, broad-shouldered and muscled to hell with a chin that you could break rocks on, no physical flaws, and was natural, no powers, mutations, transformations, etc., and all the comments I saw regarding him was calling this choice out.

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11th Mar 2020, 7:49 PM

I'm pretty sure folks would find it even weirder if Kit was a 13 year-old boy with a body like that. Granted, you'd also probably attract a very... passionate fanbase for him and you cover that in the last panel. Moving on!

I think you're reducing a complex situation into something deceptively simple. Ranging from the differences between men and women to the differences between actual readers and the kind of people who are just waiting to pounce on such things (busybodies, the perpetually butthurt, and trolls).

Though I now want Kitty to encounter a male counterpart of hers from another dimension that is only in his teens but is built like a male, successful, professional bodybuilder in his mid-20's. Let's call him... Jojo. ;)

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12th Mar 2020, 1:05 AM

Maybe there's some kind of human years maturity vs. cat years maturity argument to be made here. Her healing abilities certainly appear inhuman.

But no one's molested her yet, unless you count trying to shoot her full of holes.

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12th Mar 2020, 1:22 AM

Some of us are fighting the same horde Moe.

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