Pony Express Part 3 pg.27


7th Jan 2020, 7:12 PM

okay place your bets on how Kit's gonna end the Nutjob here. Knee to the groin or headbutt?

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8th Jan 2020, 3:25 AM

Start with a solid right hit to the lower jaw while stepping inside his aim. Elf does not have a glass jaw.

Left elbow to his relatively unprotected armpit. Weapon discharge next to Kitty's ear will cause grief in a few pages... temporary deafness

Two handed headlock Grapple and knee to the face. Probably makes his eyes match. Maybe break nose. Definately going down.

Heal stomp onto his right hand so he looses the gun. Probably breaks fingers.

Either collect or kick gun away.

Possible parting kick or stomp... Or Elf shield while beating a hasty exit. There are still other goons.

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