Mor pg.46


17th Oct 2018, 8:15 PM

And with that, we end our very lengthy story. Man there was a lot that was covered in this one and I'll admit, It was slog to get through. But not to worry folks, we're going to get back into the fray with a couple action oriented stories that will begin tomorrow.

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17th Oct 2018, 8:31 PM

This was a good ending.

Thank you for sharing this story with us!

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17th Oct 2018, 9:37 PM

This story has been an enjoyable read, I hope Mary's face heals, and we see her and her dad again sometime.

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Icefall Kitsune
18th Oct 2018, 11:31 AM

Hopefully in a better light?

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18th Oct 2018, 1:04 PM

Heh, not necessarily. :)

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