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29th Jul 2018, 7:49 PM

UPDATE: Kelseyville has been evacuated due to the fire. We're okay at the moment. We're at my folks place, however they were put under advisory shortly after the Evac alert. So we're a little... stressed. So at the moment, KKBB is delayed until we're certain we're in a safer area... or the Evacuation is lifted.

Nothing says spineless wannabe nerds than being intimidated by a tall 13 year old in a Leotard.

Just a heads up folks, but my town is under a Evacuation advisory due to the River fire that is as we speak, VERY close to us. They've already Evacuated Lakeport (ten minute drive from Kelseyville, to which where I live), West Lake County, Upper Lake, and a good chunk of Lucerne. At the moment, it's 10% contained, But it's a mess over here. Now this also means that the comic might be delayed for a day, a week, it really depends on the situation. But I'll try to upload when I can and I'll keep you updated here or via my twitter: Keep us in your thoughts guys.

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30th Jul 2018, 12:34 PM

Oh man, stay safe out there!

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